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How To Lose Weight and Get Back In Shape After C-Section?

  • When Can I Start Postpartum Exercise After C-Section?
  • What Does The Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer Do?
  • Can A Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer Actually Help Lose Weight?
  • How To Safely Exercise After C-Section?
  • Does The Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer Work?
  • How To Choose The Sweat Waist Trimmer Used For C-Section?
  • Why Sheinshaper Is Your Reliable Supplier | Manufacturer?
  • How To Customize Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer With Your Brand?

When Can I Start Postpartum Exercise After C-Section?

After 6-8 weeks, most of C-section mums are generally cleared for activity ,the body has begun to heal itself and work towards regaining its strength.

Once you have recovered from your c-section,no longer have any pain for the incision and get the approval from your doctor. You can resume exercise to rebuilding your core abdominal muscles and body shape.

What Does The Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer Do?

Postpartum Sweat waist trimmer was made by 100% neoprene which is wear around your midsection to help boosts your core temperature to enables your body to sweat off the excess water from the abdominal area during exercise.

The principle is that when the body exercises and reaches a certain intensity, fat will be burned into heat and discharged through sweat. With the help of a waist trimmer, it’s a great help with your daily workout.

Can a Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer Actually Help Lose Weight?

The answer is “yes”, but you cannot lose body fat and weight with a sweat waist trimmer alone. The key to any good weight loss program is increased exercise activity and calorie consumption.

Using sweat waist trimmer along with a healthy diet plan and correct exercise can help get optimal fat burning results.

How To Safely Exercise After C-section?

if you have had a C-Section,give yourself sufficient time to rebuilding your body shape. Here are 4 great exercises to tighten your tummy after a c-section:

1. Diaphragmatic breathing

The first step to workout is learning to breathe properly.

Many of us are “chest breathing,” which often creates neck, shoulder and back pain.Diaphragm is our primary respiratory muscle in a dome-shaped structure at the base of our lungs. It forms the top of our inner core unit but is often overlooked as an important player in your recovery because of a general lack of information.

Deep breathing helps to increase your energy and decrease stress. Stress can make you eat more and hold on to more post-baby weight, so it’s important to keep yourself calm.

2. Glute Bridge Exercise

The bridge not only helps to flatten your stomach, but it’s also great for tightening your glutes. It’s considered to be a safe post c-section exercise because it doesn’t put any pressure on your incision area.

3. Walking and Swimming

A good cardio exercise is great for getting back in shape after a c-section. Pushing that new little one around the block every day or swimming laps in a pool are both great ways to tone muscles and burn fat safely.

4. Crunches

This may be the most obvious exercise.

Once you establish proper core engagement and strength, you are able to do this exercise safely and complete your workouts without limitations.

Nothing tones your tummy like some classic crunches. They’re great for strengthening your abdominal muscles, as well as strengthening your back muscles and burning excess fat around your midsection.

Does The Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer Work?

Don't just take our word for it – check out these amazing postpartum sweat waist trimmer results from real customers who were able to transform their figures using a daily waist trimmer regimen.

How To Choose The Sweat Waist Trimmer Used For C-Section?

Sheinshaper developed a postpartum sweat waist trimmer which is measures 8 inches wide and 41.33 inches long for postpartum mom. It's designed in a way that suits any body shape and makes for a comfortable exercise regime.

Burning the fats by increasing blood flow and warming the area is the mechanism behind the postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer.

It’s highly comfortable and you can be worn under any garment for long periods. And also wear them to go to daily activities as it is not visible from the outside.

Why Sheinshaper is Your Reliable Supplier | Manufacturer?

As one of leading postpartum recovery garment manufacturer in China, we provides customers with a unique one-stop solution for all postpartum recovery products.

We provide OEM & ODM custom service and offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget and MOQ, and product materials. And also If you don’t want to buy ready-made postpartum recovery garments from us and looking for a custom manufacturer,we can make sample for you which is follow your sketch | tech pack.

Focus on postpartum recovery garment for almost 10 years
Small MOQ:
100 pcs wholesale activewear per style and color.
Private Label Service:
Customize Design / Logo / Pattern /Label / Swing Tag / Package / Barcode,etc.
High Quality:
All custom sports apparel must go through 5-times rigorous quality inspections before shippment.
Quick Lead Times:
7 days for samples production and 25 days for bulk production after design have been confirmed.

How To Customize Postpartum Sweat Waist Trimmer With Your Brand?

Custom logo:

Postpartum sweat waist trimmer was made by stretchy and skin-friendly neoprene and used for postpartum exercise,heat transfer printing is the most frequently used logo printing methods.

MOQ is 100 pcs and the price is different based on the different logo color, production time is 3-5 days, after design confirmed.

  • Single color logo: $30
  • Double color logo: $35
  • Colorful color logo: $50

Custom Simple drawstring pouches

Drawstring pouches is call for exercise bags, because they are flexible and easy to open and close. You can fit in your postpartum sweat waist trimmer. they are easy to wash and you can use drawstring pouches to promote your business by personalizing them with your logo

MOQ is 100 pcs and price is $0.5/pcs, production time is 3-5 days

Sheinshaper as a postpartum recovery expert to provide one-stop solutions for postpartum recovery, postpartum body rebuilding and postpartum "dressing trouble" issue. We'd love to listen to your ideas, we will response to you within 24 hours.

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