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How To Lose Weight and Get Back In Shape After Natural Birth?

  • When Can I Start Postpartum Exercise After Natural Birth?
  • What Does The Postpartum Sweat Waist Trainer Do?
  • Is It Necessary To Wear A Sweat Waist Trainer While Exercising ?
  • How To Repair The Diastasis Recti After Natural Birth?
  • Does The Postpartum Exercise Really Help Diastasis Recti?
  • How To Choose The Sweat Waist Trainer Used For Natural Birth?
  • Why Sheinshaper Is Your Reliable Supplier | Manufacturer?
  • How To Customize Postpartum Sweat Waist Trainer With Your Brand?

When Can I Start Postpartum Exercise After Natural Birth?

After 6-8 weeks, the uterus has revert back to its old size and you belly size has decreased a little,but since the abdominal skin has been stretched and pulled, it may never again be as taut as it was.

Before you even think about doing an abdominal exercise, perform a simple self-test to determine whether your diastasis recti if recovery.

You can measure the width with your fingers: One- to two finger-widths is normal.

If three or more, you need take exercises to encourage your tummy muscles to knit together again.

What Does The Postpartum Sweat Waist Trainer Do?

Postpartum sweat waist trainer was made by 100% neoprene which is not only help boosts your core temperature to enables your body to sweat off the excess water from the abdominal area during exercise, but also support our lumbar muscle in the waist to avoid be injured

It was designed for natural movement, giving you comfortable lumbar support and protection while you are exercising.

Is It Necessary To Wear A Sweat Waist Trainer While Exercising ?

Relaxin is a hormone produced by the ovary and the placenta with important effects in the female reproductive system and during pregnancy.

In preparation for childbirth, it relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis, loose your joints and ligaments in your body to make room for baby, this relaxin still will stay in your system for up to 12 months after birth. This can make you injury from over-stretching during exercise.

So, it’s important to wear postpartum sweat waist trimmer for safe stretchy and exercise.

How To Repair The Diastasis Recti After Natural Birth?

The key to healing diastasis recti is rebuilding your core from the inside out. You need to strengthen the transverse abdominis (TVA) muscle, which is the deepest abdominal muscle and can provide support for those muscles that have been stretched.

Finding a balance of cardio and strength training is so important:

  • Cardio can support heart health, promote better sleep, and it produces those feel-good neurotransmitters that boost serotonin and dopamine and help fend off postpartum depression.

  • Strength training is key for rebuilding lost muscle tone, making it easier to lose excess weight from pregnancy. It’s also so important for supporting bone health in the long term.

1. Transverse Abdominis Activation

Once you’re on your back, place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly.

  • Inhale a slow, deep breath through your nose and focus on sending the air into your lower ribs and belly. On your inhale, feel your stomach rise. This is called an inverse breath. Be sure to practice letting the belly rise as you fill the lungs with air.

  • Exhale with a “shhh” sound and tighten your abdominals. Here, you’ll feel the belly fall as you empty your body of air.

Practice this breath in many different positions: on your back, lying on your side and standing upright. Continue practicing until belly breathing becomes your new normal.

2. Pelvic Floor Activations

You can feel your pelvic floor muscles when you try to stop the flow of urineKegels exercise are a great way to train your pelvic muscle by contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor.

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Squeeze them as quickly as possible and release them without trying to hold the contraction.
  • Hold this position for 3–5 seconds. You should feel as though the muscles are lifting up as a result of the squeezing.
  • Repeat this up to 10 times.

3. Side Plank

Side plank can be done throughout your postpartum journey, while elbow plank should not be done until you have healed your diastasis recti and have a strong TVA.

  • Lie on your right side, legs extended and stacked from hip to feet. The elbow of your right arm is directly under your shoulder. Ensure your head is directly in line with your spine. Your left arm can be aligned along the left side of your body.
  • Engage your abdominal muscles, drawing your navel toward your spine.
  • Lift your hips and knees from the mat while exhaling. Your torso is straight in line with no sagging or bending. Hold the position.
  • After several breaths, inhale and return to the starting position. The goal should be to hold for 60 seconds. Change sides and repeat.

4. Deep Squats

Deep squats can help strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles.

  • Stand with the feet hip-width apart, keeping them flat on the floor.
  • Bend at the knees to bring the buttocks toward the floor, going only as low as is comfortable.
  • Keep the back straight and tilted slightly forward. The knees should be in line with the toes.
  • Focus on tightening the buttocks and pelvic floor while returning to a standing position.
  • Repeat this exercise, doing up to 10 repetitions per set.

Does The Postpartum Exercise Really Help Diastasis Recti?

Don't just take our word for it – check out these amazing postpartum sweat waist trainer results from real customers who were able to transform their figures using a daily waist trainer regimen.

How To Choose The Sweat Waist Trainer Used For Natural Birth?

Sheinshaper developed a postpartum waist trainer which is made by steel bones for waist support during outdoor sports, running, yoga, gym workouts, and so on.

Double control belly fat compression belt is easy to wear and take off with zipper, long design in front to better cover your stomach and short design in back to prevent your hips from feeling uncomfortable. Steel bones can ensure the back straightness, improve posture and relieve waist pain.

It can increase the body's natural heat production rate, promote the burning of fat, Release body toxins, promote blood circulation, and let you reduce excess moisture and promote healthy, Safe and effective natural weight loss.

Why Sheinshaper is Your Reliable Supplier | Manufacturer?

As one of leading postpartum recovery garment manufacturer in China, we provides customers with a unique one-stop solution for all postpartum recovery products.

We provide OEM & ODM custom service and offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget and MOQ, and product materials. And also If you don’t want to buy ready-made postpartum recovery garments from us and looking for a custom manufacturer,we can make sample for you which is follow your sketch | tech pack.

Focus on postpartum recovery garment for almost 10 years
Small MOQ:
100 pcs wholesale activewear per style and color.
Private Label Service:
Customize Design / Logo / Pattern /Label / Swing Tag / Package / Barcode,etc.
High Quality:
All custom sports apparel must go through 5-times rigorous quality inspections before shippment.
Quick Lead Times:
7 days for samples production and 25 days for bulk production after design have been confirmed.

How To Customize Sweat Waist Trainer With Your Brand?

Custom logo:

Postpartum sweat waist trimmer was made by stretchy and skin-friendly neoprene and used for postpartum exercise,heat transfer printing is the most frequently used logo printing methods.

MOQ is 100 pcs and the price is different based on the different logo color, production time is 3-5 days, after design confirmed.

  • Single color logo: $30
  • Double color logo: $35
  • Colorful color logo: $50

Custom Simple drawstring pouches

Drawstring pouches is call for exercise bags, because they are flexible and easy to open and close. You can fit in your postpartum sweat waist trimmer. they are easy to wash and you can use drawstring pouches to promote your business by personalizing them with your logo

MOQ is 100 pcs and price is $0.5/pcs, production time is 3-5 days

Sheinshaper as a postpartum recovery expert to provide one-stop solutions for postpartum recovery, postpartum body rebuilding and postpartum "dressing trouble" issue. We'd love to listen to your ideas, we will response to you within 24 hours.

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