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Postpartum Shapewear To Solve "Dressing Trouble" In Your Weight Loss Journey

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How To Solve"Dressing Trouble"In Your Weight Loss Journey?

  • What's The Postpartum Shapewear?
  • What Does The Postpartum Shapewear Do?
  • Does The Postpartum Shapewear Help Lose Weight?
  • How Do You Know The Postpartum Shapewear Fits You?
  • How To Wash And Dry Postpartum Shapewear?
  • How To Choose The Right Type Of Shapewear When Shopping?
  • Why Sheinshaper Is Your Reliable Supplier | Manufacturer?
  • How To Customize Postpartum Shapewear With Your Brand?

What’s The Postpartum Shapewear?

During your weight loss and body shape rebuilding, maybe you need extra help to fitting into your favorite trousers, or maybe there’s a special occasion need to wear a party dress, but you can’t wear it. This can be extremely frustrating and upsetting.

It's possible for your postpartum belly to go away, but it need takes some time and dedication. We need to be patient as body shape recovers.

However, a shapewear can help change your appearance and boost your confidence, be it for party wear, office wear and even just for a day-out with friends.

What Does The Postpartum Shapewear Do?

Shapewear is an undergarment that helps you smooth out all curves and tighten up your body, they're designed to help your clothes fit better and boost your confidence.

It was made by combos of spandex and nylon work together to provide the magical relationship between the compression/control and the softness/comfort.

We created the shapewear in a range of compression levels which is from gentle shaping to firm contouring, the strategically-placed seams and intricate panels offer very noticeable lifting and shaping.

If it's only an inch or two on your thighs and buttocks that are stopping you from putting on those designer jeans, a suitable body shapewear can bridge that gap and make it possible to put them on and look great in them.

Does The Postpartum Shapewear Help Lose Weight?

The act of putting on shapewear under clothes and wearing it for a decent period of time won’t do anything to your figure permanently.

A piece of fabric can’t change the makeup of your body and remove fat or add muscle.

Once you take the shapewear off, your body is still the same underneath. So while shapewear might flatter your body, it can't change it permanently.

What shapewear will do is hopefully give you a bit of body confidence, this is the bit that can't be underestimated.

How do you know the postpartum shapewear fits you?

Our shapewear was designed with 3 different control levels, you need to find your balance for comfort VS the results you wish to achieve.

1. Light control---Smooths provides Light control

This level control gently hide your bloat, fat and folds and provides for a very natural look. Because they are elastic and do not have closures or hooks, they provide an invisible effect and not noticeable under clothing. Perfect for women who want to wear shapewear but who feel uncomfortable feeling tight.

2.Medium control---Shapes provides medium control

This level control gives better control over the area you want to trim, eliminating bumps and bulges, but without sacrificing comfort. Because they have adjustable zippers or hooks to tighten the shapewear to make the body gradually accustomed to compression. This is one of the best shapewear control levels to wear.

3.Firm control---Sculpts provides firm control

This level control offers the high degree of compression and sculpting, suitable for the people who accustomed to the continuous use of control garments, we added soft bone inside to create the desired lines you want it, and making you look tone, sensual and voluptuous while still allowing you to feel comfortable.

How To Wash And Dry Postpartum Shapewear?

Shapewear needs to be treated carefully as it is very delicate. Incorrect washing can result in shrinkage, snagging or a loss of elasticity, all of which will make your investment purchase redundant.

Handwashing will ensure your shapewear lasts for longer.

You also can get away with a machine wash, but we suggest you put it in a protective bag and keep them separate from bras, as their hooks and clasps can get caught on the delicate fabric and cause tears.

Don't put your shapewear into the dryer, air dry it to preserve the fabric’s elasticity.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Shapewear When Shopping?

Some women opt to wear shapewear every day as it helps their confidence in their chosen clothing, others keep it for special occasions.

When deciding, you need consider the type of shapewear and its compression or control level.

1.Light control shapewear for leisure time

It is more about smoothing, rather than compression. It often has a lot more stretch in it and its function is to just smooth out any lumps and bumps under clothes offering a streamlined finish. It’s good for daily wear.

2.Medium control shapewear for every moment

It offers a little more compression and it can be worn every or most days. It is firmer than light control and perfect to sculpt your curves under your clothes and making your clothes hang beautifully off your frame.

3.Firm control shapewear for special occasion

It offers the most contouring and is the sturdiest of all shapewear items. It’s the steel bone inside to create the main contouring. Most of postpartum mom will reserve this for special occasion use, under evening wear and cocktail dresses.

Why Sheinshaper is Your Reliable Supplier | Manufacturer?

As one of leading postpartum recovery garment manufacturer in China, we provides customers with a unique one-stop solution for all postpartum recovery products.

We provide OEM & ODM custom service and offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget and MOQ, and product materials. And also If you don’t want to buy ready-made postpartum recovery garments from us and looking for a custom manufacturer,we can make sample for you which is follow your sketch | tech pack.

Focus on postpartum recovery garment for almost 10 years
Small MOQ:
100 pcs wholesale activewear per style and color.
Private Label Service:
Customize Design / Logo / Pattern /Label / Swing Tag / Package / Barcode,etc.
High Quality:
All custom sports apparel must go through 5-times rigorous quality inspections before shippment.
Quick Lead Times:
7 days for samples production and 25 days for bulk production after design have been confirmed.

How To Customize Postpartum Shapewear With Your Brand?

Custom Printed advertise card

Postpartum Shapewear was made by breathable and durable elastic fibers and used for postpartum body shaper, advertise paper is another economical private label solution. The goal is get people interested in a product being sold and persuade people to purchase the product.

MOQ is 500 pcs which can be applied for several orders, the price is $65. production time is 3-5 days, after design confirmed.

Sheinshaper as a postpartum recovery expert to provide one-stop solutions for postpartum recovery, postpartum body rebuilding and postpartum "dressing trouble" issue. We'd love to listen to your ideas, we will response to you within 24 hours.

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