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Our products has trusted by over 100,000 women worldwide!

Sheinshaper hopes more and more Birth recovery Center, Postnatal rehabilitation center, Postpartum Care Center, Mother baby center, Confinement center and Fitness center can Join us to help more postpartum moms get back in shape,regain their health and beauty!

Jen is the founder of Sheinshaper company, she was pregnant with her first baby in 2014

After childbirth, Jen was unprepared for what has followed life and problem as a new mom, she spent almost 24 hours a day on her baby, feeding, sleeping, changing diapers... Fatigue and lack of sleep after childbirth left her exhausted and anxious.

At the same time, she has to deal with being out of shape, she needs a plus-size skirt to cover her bulging belly and she feels overwhelmed and terrified for her new mom role.

After 6 weeks, Jen went to see her sister Angel who also a mother of 2 children, to share her postpartum experience and hoping to get help from her. Unfortunately, she faced the same problem, and unlike me, she can't stand her flabby stomach, and she can't fit into the clothes she liked.

They try to seek all kinds of ways to reduce their waist size and slim down, such as weight loss tea, diet... But with little effect.

They continue to consult professional midwives and psychologists and finally got the right way to recover the body: In the early postpartum, wear an abdominal binder is very important at the first time to help abdominal muscles and the surgical incision for better recovery. And finally, she succeeded after 8 months.

In 2016, Jen’s second baby was born, Jen has had plenty of experience this time and using a postpartum belly binder immediately after giving birth. This helped her get a good effect on her next stage body rebuilding.

In 2018, Jen left SKECHERS and start her own business, she decided to start a company which is helps postpartum mom get back in shape after giving birth. This decision made her very excited!

In order to launch the better products and solutions, she consulted with a professional obstetrician and talked to hundreds of postpartum moms online about postpartum their anxiety and body recovery.

After 2 years of research, evaluation, filter, and testing with our innovation team, we launched 3 stages postpartum recovery product and helped over 100,000 postpartum moms to build the right way to lose weight.

"To Help Worldwide Postpartum Moms Rebuild Their Body and Regain Confidence is Continuous Efforts Direction of Jen and Sheinshaper Team”

What Makes Us Different?

In the selection of fabrics, we focus on safety and eco-friendly to ensure the healthy and safe use of postpartum recovery products:

PureWeave Recovery

It was made by the oldest and reliable cotton fiber and renewable and biodegradable, that means purchasing and manufacturing of raw materials will not pollute the environment at the end of the life cycle of products, and it transmits the life concept of "comfortable, healthy and environmental protection".

Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and hygroscopicity are its biggest advantages. It is extremely safe and healthy for the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin and sensitive parts of the postpartum incision.

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MultiBoost Core

It was made by neoprene from Dupont Company, soft, skin-friendly, stretchy and anti-heat,neoprene lining retain heat to increase your core temperature which is make you sweat 3x more than usual when exercise. And also provides muscle support to regain your transverse abs back to strength.

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Targeted Sculpt shapewear

It was made by spandex fiber and It provides different degrees of compression and different shaping needs in lightweight and breathable fabrics, not only for postpartum women, check out all our Targeted Sculpt technology products

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The birth of Sheinshaper was from Jen's own experiences and feedback from hundreds of postpartum moms

Now we provide services to brand customer around the world, helping them to solve different purchase needs and provide full service from idea to design, from sample to production, from quality control to packaging, from transportation to delivery and so on.

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