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We work together with you to create Postpartum Recovery Garment collection from scratch.Provide us with design sketch and requirements on design & quality, or sending us original samples with modify advice. We will listen to you carefully and provide our suggestions on design, measurement, fabric, color and others.

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  • How To Find Custom Postpartum Recovery Garment Manufacturers?
  • Make sweat waist trimmer from scratch
  • Make sweat waist trimmer from tech packs
  • Make sweat waist trimmer from your existing sample
  • Make your design creativity free with sublimation printing
  • Help customers get good feedback from Postpartum Mum

How To Find Custom Postpartum Recovery Garment Manufacturers

As a brand owner or a sourcing manager, you may rely on custom postpartum recovery garment manufacturers to do the following:
  • Make garments from scratch rather than offer you ready-made pieces
  • Make samples according to your instructions
  • Recreate a sample you send them
  • Offer advice on how to make products more sustainable
  • Provide you with a great choice of fabrics
  • Provide technology that facilitates customization

If you need custom postpartum belly binder, sweat waist trimmer, shapewear, these information is enough for you to send us an enquiry, then please do so.

If not, we invite you to read further. You’re probably interested in learning our minimum order quantity (MOQ). It’s 100 pcs/design/color in any sizes

As you can see, we can make customized postpartum garments of all different styles. The list doesn’t stop at what you see in the image above.

Make sweat waist trimmer from scratch

You are probably looking for a custom postpartum sweat waist trimmer manufacturer precisely, because you don’t want to buy ready-made garments from a wholesaler. You probably need more customization than just slapping your logo on whatever piece of clothing.

That’s why you should stick with a custom clothing manufacturers with a database of different types of postpartum belly binder, sweat waist trimmer, sweat arm trimmer, postpartum shapewear.

Make sweat waist trimmer from tech packs

Custom postpartum recovery garment manufacturers are textile professionals that make different postpartum recovery garments all the time. They seldom rely on an established template or pattern.

However, they would often require a tech pack or other detailed instructions before they could make and send you a sample.

What is a tech pack?

A tech pack is a document that contains technical information about the garment you want a custom postpartum recovery manufacturer to make for you. Here’s what you can include in it:
  • Technical drawings showing front, back, and important details
  • Sizing
  • Fabrics and components (buttons, zippers, etc.)
  • Quantities
  • Labeling expectations
  • Packaging expectations
  • Delivery date expectations
The image below is the most basic depiction of a tech pack. Because all of our clients’ more detailed tech packs are under NDA, here are two tech pack examples .

An example of what a tech pack can look like.

Make sweat waist trimmer from your existing sample

Ideally, Sending an image of an existing garment you believe represents what you want yours to look like also helps.

If you’re uncertain about sizing, the manufacturer should be able to offer you one or more sizing solutions, especially if you have a more specific target audience.

As we have been in the business since 2018, we can offer various sizing options and the vast majority of our products so far were custom postpartum recovery garment.

So, send us an email and let’s see how can we cooperate.

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Make your design creativity free with sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is the best printing technique when you want to transfer creative design ideas from screen to fabric. That’s because regardless of the surface covered by design, the breathability of the garment won’t slump.Learn more about this process on our “sublimation printing”

Help customers to get a good feedback from Postpartum Mum

I had a second c-section and recovery this time was very tough on me. Walking was extremely difficult due to my uterus still being swollen. The postpartum belly binder gives me is extremely good. I am able to walk without discomfort and able to wear it throughout the day without getting super sweaty and itchy, when I need to move around with my 3year old daughter. After the very first week, Bloating in my uterus went way down, my posture improved drastically. I looked so much thinner just from learning to breathe properly and from the core work! I quickly reconnected with my TVAs!

Sarah F.

I was sitting in my room with no ac on, with 84% humidity outside. I couldn’t believe it! I literally felt the sweat around my waist. Then, I went to the gym and did a 30 minute stationary bike workout. I came home, took this bad boy off and was amazed with how much sweat this waist trimmer absorbed !I ordered a small size,it fit perfectly. Moreover, the material- A +! I have sensitive skin and break out in welts and can get rashes all over my body if I wear certain materials. I was surprised that although I sweated like a person who sat in a sauna, my skin didn’t break out !

Rae M.

I am absolutely amazed with this shaper. I got it open as soon as it came in and tried it on. I got a 2X, I am 5’2 and around 208lbs. I was nervous to try on at first because other shapewear had always been complex to get on. Not this!!! I got this bad boy on so easily! It took me a minute or two to get snatched, but once I got it on, it was completely comfortable and snatched my waist!!! The leg pieces with the little gel strips do their job WELL!! They stay in place and help prevent chub rub while wearing a dress! The hole to use the bathroom is nice. I am SUPER impressed, I will be ordering another one when I size down!

Grace M.
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