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Things You Can Do with a Postpartum Abdominal Bands After You Give Birth

Things You Can Do with a Postpartum Abdominal Bands After You Give Birth

July 27,2022
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Having a baby is no small matter.

It's important that your body stretches and rearranges itself to make way for a new life, and it's no surprise that it takes time for your body to heal after giving birth.

If you feel pain and discomfort throughout the day, you may be wondering how to nurture your postpartum body through recovery.

We're here to tell you that you don't have to solve the problem alone.

Between the chaos and the happiness of knowing your little ones and meeting their every need, having no-fuss tools in your kit to help you get through is critical, that is why women have been using postpartum abdominal bands for centuries.

In these early days, there's a lot of information to absorb, so let's unpack it together.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles work hard to create room for your little one by stretching, and in some cases overstretching.

The separation of the abdominal muscles is called rectal separation, and it occurs in 60% of people postpartum.

Don't worry though, as it usually resolves within eight weeks of giving birth - but if you notice increased pain and discomfort, make sure you see your GP for the proper support you need.

Those wonderful pregnancy hormones also relax your pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to some uncomfortable leaks.

In short, your core muscles are very important. They provide support for your back and good posture; now that you need extra TLC more than ever. 

Our bodies do a really good job of recovering from childbirth, but it's important that we don't do it alone.

Many women also experience chronic back pain if the healing process is not supported.

Here's why you deserve plenty of rest, gentle exercise, and support from your loved ones

When you feel like it's time for some cleaning and errands, a tummy wrap can make you think about one less thing.

In a nutshell, postpartum abdominal band belts can help you build your abdominal muscles, especially in the early postpartum and first few weeks after giving birth, they'll be extra soft and fit snugly against your belly.

Do postpartum abdominal bands useful?

The short answer is yes - what a postpartum abdominal band does is give your core a big hug. 

The postpartum girdle gently holds your weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles in place. The extra compression gives you the stability and comfort you need to maintain the position while you settle down with your baby.

Peer-reviewed research shows that postpartum belly adhesive is just what you need as your body heals postpartum.

To get the most out of a tummy wrap, adjustable compression is essential - let's be clear, this is not a waist trainer, and you shouldn't feel extra pain from wearing it.

The benefits of postpartum abdominal bands

Here's what postpartum abdominal bands can do:

Improves blood flow to help promote healing

Reduce uterine size and reduce pain and discomfort

Reduce swelling

Help your muscles heal

Back support aid

Supports separation of rectal recovery

Strengthens pelvic floor muscles when worn correctly

Make exercise easier

How long should I wear postpartum abdominal bands?

A postpartum abdominal band is your sidekick, especially during the first few weeks.

It is recommended to wear the girdle between 2 and 12 weeks postpartum for best results. Examine your body and follow its cues to guide you on when to wear the girdle for the first few months.
How soon can I wear postpartum abdominal bands after giving birth?

It is wise to discuss any post-conception treatment with your doctor. Every pregnancy and delivery is unique.

You and your doctor are in the best position to make these decisions. If you get the green light, it is recommended to try a tummy wrap a day or two after a vaginal delivery.

If you had a C-section, you will have to wait three to four weeks, or until your healthcare provider approves it.

‍Don't forget the incredible work you did to bring your baby into this world. For some, trusting your natural recovery process can be overwhelming, especially when you start incorporating postpartum abdominal bands.

Taking some time to discuss your recovery with your GP can give you the tools to continue your recovery.

The above briefly introduces the benefits of postpartum abdominal bands and the necessity of wearing a postpartum belly belt after childbirth. If you want to buy a postpartum belly belt, please contact us.

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