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The Difference Between Postpartum Belly Brace and Belly Brace

The Difference Between Postpartum Belly Brace and Belly Brace

August 2,2022
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Pregnancy is beautiful in many ways, but moms' bodies go through a lot to bring a baby into the world. From stretch marks to C-section scars, moms take some time to recover. Unlike popular shapewear products, postpartum shapewear is specially designed to help moms recover from labor and delivery. There are some essential differences between postpartum belly brace and belly brace


One of the most notable differences between postpartum belly brace and belly brace is the materials used to make these products. Postpartum recovery garments feature extremely breathable and lightweight fabrics to help moms stay comfortable while recovering. On the other hand, the fabrics of belly brace are less breathable and can irritate the skin or sensitive scars. Recovering moms should look for postpartum compression garments made from breathable fabrics to promote safe, progressive healing.


Whether it's from a spouse helping with late-night feedings, or a couple of weeks from a new grandparent's move, new moms often appreciate some extra support. Belly brace are exactly what they say - they shape the body by filling and compressing to shrink the waist, hips, or buttocks. However, postpartum belly brace aids mom's recovery by targeting the most vulnerable parts of her body with strategic support and compression. The postpartum shapewear is designed with belly and pelvic support to help reduce swelling and repair muscles, supporting new mothers during every late-night breastfeeding and diaper change.

Insurance coverage

Babies don't come cheap, and many parents welcome any opportunity to save a few bucks. Insurance does not cover traditional shapewear products as their primary purpose is aesthetics with temporary shaping support. On the other hand, because of the Affordable Care Act, insurance usually covers postpartum shapewear made especially for new mothers.


Moms who have been suffering from swollen feet and a growing tummy for months deserve some comfort. Mom's comfort and recovery are the only considerations for postpartum recovery clothing. They help stabilize weak or stretched muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce swelling. Plus, the best postpartum recovery clothing is designed for different delivery styles. Postpartum compression products for cesarean sections should have bigger width design to prevent scarring that irritates the mom's belly, while compression products for vaginal births should have additional crotch support to facilitate recovery and protect the episiotomy incision or perineal tear.

Pregnancy,and childbirth are not easy. Thankfully, specially designed postpartum belly brace can help moms recover faster. But it's best to leave postpartum belly brace in the closet for now.

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