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Postpartum Girdle: Benefits and How to Use It

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    Postpartum Girdle: Benefits and How to Use It

    Aug 9,2022
    postpartum girdle supplier
    Postpartum girdle are more than just shaping. Medical-grade compression waistband designed to support and aid recovery.

    Remember: It is still recommended to seek help for postpartum recoveries, such as rectal separation or pelvic floor problems such as urinary incontinence, as the band will not strengthen or tone the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

    Still, for extra compression and support around the abdomen, a high-quality medical-grade postpartum belt can help.

    The benefits of postpartum girdle

    Improve posture and mobility

    Supports the back and relieves back pain

    Stabilize the pelvic floor

    Provides compression and support for your abdominal muscles

    Reduce swelling and fluid retention

    A high-quality postpartum girdle can also support C-section recovery and rectal separation.

    C-section recovery

    Recovery from a C-section can be slower because the procedure requires incisions through multiple layers of muscle and tissue. Medical-grade postpartum girdles can help reduce pain, bleeding, and discomfort in women undergoing C-sections.

    Rectal separation recovery

    Rectal separation is a very common condition that occurs when your abdominal muscles separate and remain separated after delivery. For some people, the abdominal muscles close naturally 6-8 weeks after delivery. For those who still suffer from rectal separation, a postpartum belt can help support the recovery process as it provides compression support. You may also need treatment and we will advise you to visit your doctor for an evaluation to learn more about your condition.

    How we choose the top postpartum girdles

    There are many commercially available belts on the market, and it can be overwhelming to learn how to choose the best one. A good waistline should be assessed according to its:

    Easy to use


    Material quality

    If it is supported by research conducted by a medical organization

    Reviews from real women

    It is recommended to wear the belt for at least 8 hours a day, we do not recommend wearing it to sleep.

    Correct sizing is crucial because you need a comfortable fit for good support, but anything that's too tight can also restrict breathing and cause other problems. If you want to buy a high-quality postpartum girdle, welcome to contact us.

    Sheinshaper is a professional custom postpartum recovery garments manufacturer with has over 5 years of experience. We can provide you with a suitable logo-making solution according to your budget and MOQ as well as product materials. In order to provide you with high-quality wholesale postpartum recovery garments, our strict and experienced QC team has carried out 5 strict quality inspections during the raw material, printing, cutting, sewing, and packaging process. All of our fabrics are tested for toxic chemicals and carcinogenic and allergenic dyes.
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