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Proper Use of Postpartum Abdominal Binder

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    Proper Use of Postpartum Abdominal Binder

    Sep 8,2022
    Postpartum Abdominal Binder
    Belly binders are the best postpartum option for many new mothers these days. It can help new mothers to bind their abdomens and help restore their bodies.

    Postpartum abdominal binder: postpartum abdominal binder is used for corsets for moms who have just given birth. The main function of the abdominal belt is to supplement the lack of muscle strength, improve abdominal relaxation, improve the negative pressure of the uterus during the puerperium, prevent bacterial invasion, and speed up the discharge of lochia.

    There are different types of gauze abdominal belts, ordinary abdominal belts, functional abdominal belts, abdominal binders for a natural delivery, and abdominal binders for cesarean section.

    Precautions when using a postpartum abdominal binder

    1. In the first stage of postpartum, choose a suitable abdominal binder, not a shapewear

    2. You can wear it for 1 to 2 hours in the beginning, and the time for tying the abdominal binder should not exceed 8 hours a day. After 18:00, the abdominal binder should not be tied again, and the body should be given enough time to rest, otherwise, it will easily cause edema at night

    3. Those with constipation and hemorrhoids should suspend the use, so as not to affect the bowel movement, increase the abdominal pressure and aggravate the constipation of hemorrhoids

    4. It is not recommended to tie the abdominal binder before and after meals. It should be taken off half an hour before meals, and then tied again half an hour after meals. Because it is easy to cause flatulence and gas after eating, it is not conducive to digestion, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as constipation, flatulence, edema, and blood reflux.

    5. The tightness should not be too tight, especially when the uterus has not yet entered the basin

    6. Clean the belly binder frequently

    7. It is recommended to wear the abdominal binder outside the underwear, such as autumn clothes, vests

    8. Whether the abdominal binder is used or not varies from person to person.

    The above briefly introduces the precautions when using an abdominal binder. If you still have questions or want to buy a postpartum abdominal binder, please contact us.

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