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Postpartum Belly Binder: The Most Frequently Asked Questions About How To Use

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    Postpartum Belly Binder: The Most Frequently Asked Questions About How To Use

    Sep 23,2022
    Postpartum Belly Binder
    Do you have questions about the postpartum belly binders? Want to speed up your postpartum recovery and come across postpartum harnesses and wraps? Or have you never heard of them and are skeptical if it's a gimmick or if they actually work?

    Your most frequently asked questions about postpartum belly binders are answered in this article.

    What does a postpartum belly binder do?
    It's a wrap that you wear around your belly or lower abdomen after you're pregnant.

    You wear it during your postpartum recovery to help your belly shrink through compression.

    Compression helps to shrink the uterus after giving birth.

    The uterus contracts naturally after giving birth, and if you're breastfeeding, the contractions increase.

    A postpartum belly binder acts as an aid to the natural contractions of the uterus. Wraps speed up the healing process. 

    This is not designed for pregnancy and should not be worn during pregnancy. 

    Does postpartum belly binder help with weight loss?
    No, postpartum belly binders will not help with weight loss. Postpartum belly binders are not designed to lose belly fat and are in no way helpful. Postpartum belly binders are designed to shape and help your uterus contract and shrink to its normal size. 

    The only way to lose weight and fat is through proper diet and exercise, not through physical products like postpartum belly binders. 

    If you feel like your lower belly doesn't need fat loss and weight isn't an issue, but you just feel like your chin is bulging after pregnancy, a postpartum belly binder can help your lower belly firmer with proper lower belly exercise.

    Can postpartum belly binders be worn after a C-section?
    It is recommended to be worn after a cesarean section; however, you will need to speak directly to your doctor on this topic and ask if the doctor recommends a postpartum belly binder for you and your specific situation.

    Every mother is different. Your medical history is different from others. So be sure to ask your doctor if you're allowed to, and see what products they recommend you wear after a C-section. 

    Can you wear a postpartum belly binder if you have a rectal separation?
    Yes, I do recommend wearing postpartum clothing early in your postpartum recovery if you have rectal dissociation.

    It won't cure your rectus separation, but it will help you tone your abdominal muscles and therefore help you use the muscles properly. When your muscles align, it will make the healing process easier and the gap will continue to shrink. 

    Can a postpartum belly binder be worn after gastric bypass surgery?
    Postpartum clothing is not recommended after gastric bypass surgery or any bariatric surgery.

    Only your surgeon can help answer questions about specific products that are allowed after bariatric surgery.

    Is it hard to sit while wearing a postpartum belly binder?
    Some products are difficult to sit in, while others are comfortable to sit on. The postpartum belly binder is comfortable to wear while sitting and doesn't feel bulky at all. It's smooth and lightweight. This wrap form fits your body more effectively. 

    Would you wear a postpartum belly binder directly on your skin?
    No, it is not recommended to wear postpartum products directly on the skin. It can cause irritation, rashes, and definitely increase sweating. Problems can increase when moisture from sweat gets trapped on the skin.

    Do you wear a postpartum belly binder while exercising?

    It hinders your ability to exercise and limits the normal body movements that occur during your workout. Also, if you wear it while exercising, the increased likelihood of sweating can cause irritation to your skin.

    However, I recommend that you wear it after exercising and your skin is clean.

    Can you wear a postpartum belly binder while you sleep?
    No, don't sleep in postpartum belly binders. You need to take it off and let your body rest at night.

    Allow your body to be in its natural state and allow the air to touch your stomach at night. You should not wear it 24/7. This leads me to my next question. 

    How many hours a day should you wear postpartum belly binders?
    I recommend wearing it for 12 hours a day, no more than that. Start with 30 minutes to 1 hour on the first day and work your way up 1-2 hours each day. The maximum time you want to wear it is 12 hours. 

    You can wear it continuously for 12 hours in a day, or you can divide it into 2 6-hour wear periods per day. No matter how you get your 12 hours, it's important that you wear it for a maximum of 12 hours a day.

    The above briefly introduces some common abdominal adhesive problems. If you have any questions or want to buy a postpartum belly binder, please contact us.

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