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Postpartum Belly Binder

Postpartum Belly Binder

Sheinshaper’s belly binder is for postpartum recovery, to reduce swelling and bloating after delivery. We have 3 kinds of different belly binders, such as 2 closures, 3 closures or 4 closures compression, it can be adjustable to give you the-right-amount of compression on the stomach, belly, uterus to help postpartum healing.

100% cotton offer optimum moisture-management, antibacterial, and hypo-allergenic are its biggest advantages. It’s extremely safe and healthy for the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin and sensitve parts of the postpartum incision.
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Postpartum Belly binder aren't waist trainers!
For new mom that have had a C-section, belly binding can be even more helpful during the recovery period. With multiple layers of tissue and muscle being cut through, wrapping your belly can help with the incision healing.

It is common to have a persistent ‘mummy tummy’ after giving birth. They called Diastasis Recti.
Diastasis Recti is the abdominal muscles do not close naturally within a certain timeframe following childbirth. Wrapping your belly can help to hold the muscles together and aid in speeding up the closing process.

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 Choose the Right Posptartum Belt Binder
Belly binder used For C-section
Used For C-section 
1.Tighten stomach-Return the stomach to its normal position
2.Protect wound-reduces abdominal tension and prevents wound from tearing.
Belly binder used for natural birth
Used For natural birth
1.Tighten stomach-Return the stomach to its normal position
2.Tighten belly-Support and prevent organs/skin from sagging
3.Shrink uterus-Promote uterine contractions and exclusion of lochia
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We accept to renew the products which having problem in quality:
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For the above situations that beyond the scope of return or exchange service, We will give more discounts or preferential policies in future orders according to the circumstances.
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