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Postpartum Compression Shapewear

Postpartum Compression Shapewear

To Solve "Your Dressing Trouble"

Sheinshaper’s compression shapewear is a type of undergarment that helps to temporarily shape and smoothen your body by way of compressing your body and redistributing your flesh. They emphasize your natural curves while simultaneously minimizing or hiding those parts you don’t usually like when you’ve got on a tight outfit.

(Improves Appearance)---With shapewear, the first and most noticeable benefit is an improvement in your body silhouette.
You don’t lose weight while wearing the garment, but you can look as if you’ve lost a couple of inches of your waist. And in contrast to the smaller waist, you appear to have a larger bust and fuller hips, giving you that much-desired hourglass shape.

(Boosts Self-Esteem and Encourages Weight Loss)---Even though compression shapewear doesn’t make you lose weight, it shows you what you can look like if you do. Accordingly, it can be an excellent motivator to eat healthier and exercise more.
Choosing the Right Compression Shapewear
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Color Selection or Customization

Various colors can be selected from the fabric swatch catalogue or Customize your own color according to the Pantone color or color samples you provided.
Outside Material:
Lining Material:

Zipper Selection or Customization

Based on your requirement, we will make zipper in custom designs, materials, colours, shapes, logos, etc. And also you could provide your design draft if necessary.
Create your logo on the Compression Shaperwear
7 days for Samples
1st Day send us your logo
5th Days make logo mold
6th Days logo has ready and print logo on your sample
7th Days sample shipped out

25 days for mass production
1st Days confirm order quantity and shipping way
2st Days confirm price and initial payment
25 Days mass production and packaging
Our Service and Support
We accept to renew the products which having problem in quality:
1. Please feedback the information about quality problems within 3-7 days after receipt of the goods;
2. Please provide real photos of products with quality problems;
3. For replacement, usually, we will send new products along with your next order;
4. If you do not need replacement, we can negotiate with each other according to the actual situations, and the discount amount will be returned to you;
5. The following situations do not belong to the scope of return or exchange service:
  1> Products have been worn, used or washed;
  2> Products with thread end, fade after washing and color difference due to different production batch;
  3> More than 7 days after receiving the goods;
  4> Refuse to provide photos of defective goods or the photos are completely unable to identify;

For the above situations that beyond the scope of return or exchange service, We will give more discounts or preferential policies in future orders according to the circumstances.
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