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What to Wear After Childbirth: The Best Postpartum Compression Clothing

What to Wear After Childbirth: The Best Postpartum Compression Clothing

October 21,2022
postpartum shapewear
No matter how fast labor is, it's still the primary physical experience your body goes through. When preparing for labor, it is recommended that you consider the clothing and support clothing you need to make the recovery process as quick and comfortable as possible. 

To help you prepare, we have some tips for what to wear after giving birth and for the next few weeks. We also recommend the best compression garments to support your body based on how you gave birth.
what to wear after giving birth?

After giving birth, your body can become sensitive and sore, so anything you wear needs to be stretchy and work with your body to provide support without being uncomfortable. You may find it useful to combine soft and loose outer layers, comfortable underwear, supportive compression garments, and shapewear.
Postpartum clothes

When choosing the right postpartum clothing, keep in mind that over the next 8 weeks or so, your body will recover and adapt to the significant changes that will occur after childbirth. The changes will be gradual, so don't expect to be able to get back into your prenatal clothes for a while. 
What to wear in the first few weeks post-birth?

If you're breastfeeding, look for tops that are easy to open. You can find maternity clothes with built-in sections to simplify this or look for clothes that have zippers or ejectors in the front, or ones that are loose enough to lift. Oversized tops are also available, allowing you to lift the top and access your maternity bra. 

During this time, a postpartum belly binder with good breathability would be ideal to help you feel supported as you move. Choose postpartum belly adhesives in breathable fabrics such as cotton for maximum comfort.
what to wear a few months after birth?

Once your body begins to recover from birth, you can start adding more to your prenatal wardrobe. Depending on how you gave birth, you may want to choose clothes that can be worn under compression or shapewear - Sheinshaper's postpartum compression shapewear will fit under most clothing.

For the first 6 months of life, elastic or loose-waisted pants will remain the most comfortable option, in addition to tights. Remember that recovery is not over after the first 6 or 8 weeks, especially if you have had a difficult birth or a C-section, which is major surgery.
What to wear after giving birth to help with recovery?

To get you back as quickly as possible and give your body the support to make sure everything stays the same, we recommend looking at compression garments and postpartum shapewear that support your abs and tummy.
Best postpartum compression clothing and shapewear

Postpartum shapewear can be worn under your regular clothes, as well as maternity clothes, and some can also be worn at night. 

Our range of postpartum compression garments is medical grade and designed to ensure excellent support without feeling tight or putting too much pressure.

What support clothing is recommended for postpartum depends on your mode of delivery, whether natural or C-section, as you will have different needs when it comes to recovery support. 
Postpartum support clothing after natural childbirth

If you have a natural birth (vaginal birth), we recommend that you opt for a postpartum belly binder in the weeks following delivery. Abdominal adhesives are helpful to your body during repairs, but you should listen to your body and only wear it when you feel comfortable. We recommend starting with a maximum of 1-3 hours after birth and increasing the time after the first 1.5-2 weeks.

From 6 weeks after birth, you can start wearing postpartum compression garments. Body sculpting and slimming, it provides supportive compression for the torso and abdomen. It has detachable shoulder straps for easy matching with a variety of tops.
Postpartum support clothing after cesarean section

From 3 days after a cesarean section, we recommend the use of a cesarean section-specific postpartum belly binder and only on the advice of your doctor. It can be worn with a memory foam insert that sits under the belly and fits snugly against the skin. This aids in lymphatic drainage, which removes fluid from the body, and improves blood microcirculation.

Later in your postpartum recovery, if you still need extra support, you can use postpartum shapewear with your doctor's approval. Our postpartum shapewear is made with high-quality fabrics - breathable and comfortable to wear all day, with a healthy soft crotch and moisture-wicking benefits that allow your skin to breathe fresh air freely. Plus, the 3-hook bottom opening makes it easier to go to the bathroom. If you want to buy high-quality, comfortable postpartum compression garments, please contact us.

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